Wireline Consulting
We bring functional expertise to the table on every wireline logging project as well as a passion to succeed! Our holistic approach ensures time and money are saved in each step of the operation, while staying focused on safety awareness at all times, in a continuous improvement cycle.
Wellsite Witnessing
All our consultants are ex-wireline engineers. On our witnessing jobs, we blend with the logging crew to provide 24/7 supervision, quality control and reporting services to our Clients. It is our ultimate goal to work safely with the logging crews to provide the Client with high quality data, on depth, with 100 percent operational efficiency!
Logging Courses
We offer a practical wireline logging education to a wide range of audiences. From Petrophysicists to Drilling Supervisors - our targeted QA/QC courses are tailored to minimize time and maximize benefits. Both online and class-based courses are available.

RIGPRO Consulting

A unique blend of cutting-edge software coupled with vast field experience positions us at the top of the list of Wireline QA/QC providers. Contact us today to find out more.

How Do We Operate?

Regardless of whether we are involved in the the highest profile exploration operation in the world or the most basic logging operation in a mature field, our commitment will always be 100%, no matter how big or small a project. Our mission is to improve safety and operational efficiency along with reducing costs - that is our promise to our Clients.
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RIGPRO Software

RIGPRO Wireline QC software is the oil industries first software platform to assist in the quality control of a wireline logging operation. RIGPRO software is available as a desktop and mobile application and can be installed on devices of all the stakeholders in a logging operation - Logging Witness, Operations Geologist, Drilling Supervisor, Wellsite Geologist... Instead of spreadsheets and word documents, information is entered into the RIGPRO desktop application. Users are able to monitor the operation in real time, produce various reports and time breakdowns, create pressure charts and gradients and much more. Wireline operations can now be monitored real time from the office, home, or even on the road on your smart phone!
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Our Company

RIGPRO Consulting was established by experienced dedicated ex-wireline engineers with the passion to successfully oversee and drive any logging operations whether on land or sea . It all started with the development of a unique software platform that allowed users to not only quality control logging operations but also build a solid data base of each logging operation. Development and field testing of RIGPRO software was achieved over a 3 year period. Clients are now able to follow the progress from planning, real time logging, and will always have the complete database one click away for future reference. RIGPRO software, coupled with a team of experienced consultants, is a game changer with mitigating service company inefficiencies and providing safe wireline operations, with one goal in mind; to provide high quality data, on depth, with 100 percent operational efficiency.

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